2×10 MVA GIS Substation under the IPDS scheme of Government of India inaugurated in Purnia

Mumbai: As part of the ‘AzadikaAmritMahotsav’, 2×10 MVA GIS Substation was inaugurated in Purnia, Bihar under the IPDS scheme of the Govt of India. The 2×10 MVA GIS Substation was commissioned by North Bihar Power Distribution Co. Ltd (NBPDCL).

The inauguration ceremony is a part of ‘AzadikaAmritMahotsav’ celebrations marking 75 years of India’s independence. The inauguration ceremony was attended by officials from North Bihar Power Distribution Co. Ltd (NBPDCL) and power Finance Corporation.

2×10 MVA GIS Substation for Purnia was sanctioned in 2018 under the IPDS scheme with a sanctioned cost of Rs 8.99 crore, with a grant of Rs 5.40 crore from the Government of India. The GIS Substation was declared complete on 6th April 2021, overcoming the challenges posed by the prevailing Covid situation.

The GIS Substation will benefit approximately 3.26 lakh people of Purnia and the surrounding areas. It will further reduce the land requirement and will lower the operational and maintenance cost and will also provide a safe working environment for the attending personnel.

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