20 Feet Long Python Rescued In West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri

Forest rangers in West Bengal's Jalpaiguri district has captured a 20-feet long python at Malbazaar in Kumlai gram panchayat on Tuesday (July 21).

According to the source, the snake had made its way to the house of Vishnu Rai to feed on chickens and ducks at his poultry farm. The poultry was set up near a well of his house. On Tuesday morning, Vishnu woke up to the sound of ducks screaming and rushed to the well where he found the giant python, almost 20-feet in length and 18 inches wide.

The Malbazar forest department team along with other forest officials reached the spot as soon as the news was received. Forest ranger Vibhuti Ranjan Das said the snake was rescued from the house and was released into the Chapamari forest.

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