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How Much SEO can We Achieve with a SEMrush Pro Account?

SEMrush PRO account is the starting plan from the popular SEO tool SEMrush.  Know more in details about the features and SEO benefits of this PRO plan.

Previously we write an article on what is SEMrush and how can you do SEO with that. If you haven’t read yet, you can read it from here (link). As you know, SEMrush is a useful tool for keyword search, backlink analysis, checking the SEO performance for your site and many more. It is a premium tool. Here you can find different kinds of packages. Every package has their special pricing. If we arrange the packages in to order from low to high price, then there are three packages PRO, GURU, and BUSINESS. There is a free package too, but you cannot go far away with that. In this article we are going to compare the three paid packages together here we will discuss only the starting package provided by SEMrush; the PRO plan. Here we will you give you a clear idea on how much SEO can you achieve with a SEMrush PRO account.

To know about how much SEO we can do with SEMrush will be most easy by knowing what features we get through a SEMrush PRO account. Let’s see the features.

S E O By Using S E Mrush P R O Account

Domain and Keyword Analytics:

To get up to the market at first you have to know the domains which are top on the market and with whom you want to compete with. Also, you need to know what keywords they are using that they are on the top now. With the PRO account, you can do 3000 searches per day, and you can get 10000 results per search.

5 Projects at a Time:

With the Pro account, you can add 5 projects at the same time. It is essential, especially for any digital marketer.

100000 Pages to Crawl Per Month:

With the PRO account, you can crawl 100000 pages per month. With the crawling, you get the audit report of your site. SEMrush crawls all your pages at the first of the month, and once you reached the limit of the crawl according to your package, you have to wait to the next crawl. Then you can get the new audit reports.

Keyword Position Tracking (500 Keywords):

PRO account users can track 500 keywords among 5 projects. Keyword tracking is very much essential to beat your competitors and to know your website status.

On Page SEO Checking (500 Keywords):

On page SEO checker tool allows you to set your landing pages with sets of keywords. That gives recommendations to improve SEO. With the PRO account, you can get 500 keywords to set with your landing page.

Social Media Tracking (50 Profiles):

With the SEMrush social media toolkit, you can easily track your social media activity results. Like the keyword tracking, you can check your competitors too on Social Media. The PRO account enables you to track 50 social media profiles among 5 projects.

Content Marketing Toolkit (500 Keywords):

With the content marketing toolkit, you can write SEO friendly quality contents. They will suggest you the keywords by which you not only can write SEO friendly contents but also can write the contents which can beat your competitors. With the PRO package, you will get 500 keywords per month.

PPC Keyword Tool (500 Keywords):

With the PPC keyword tool, you can easily search for keywords and can plan for Google Ad campaigns. With this tool, you can easily set up negative keywords, organize keywords related to your business and directly export the campaign plan to Google Ads. You can export 500 keywords with PRO account.

PDF Reports (5 Reports):

After doing all the stuff, you need to check your reports to find out how far you are from your goal. Here you can schedule your reports. With PRO account you can schedule 5 reports, but you cannot remove the SEMrush branding from the PDF report.

The SEMrush PRO is the cheapest plan among the other plans available on SEMrush. It costs $99 per month. This is mainly for beginners. You can do all the SEO stuff with PRO package, but as it is the cheapest plan, it has some significant limitations. If you only focused on simple writing, then you can choose this package, but if you need to do the SEO on a large scale, then you need to go for the bigger packages.

Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions or have any, please comment below.

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