Clicking On The DM Links Would Lead To Twitter Account Hack

According To Experts You Should Be Attentive While Clicking Any DM.

On Monday megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s Twitter account was hacked. Right after that on Tuesday renowned singer, Adnan Sami’s Twitter account was also hacked.

Seeing on this cyber experts say people should be more careful while clicking the Direct Message links on their inbox.

A group named “Ayyildiz Tim Turkish Cyber Army” claimed responsibility for hacking both the high-profile accounts.

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Joint Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies Ltd Sanjay Katkar said, “Their modus operandi looks like they sending DM (Twitter Direct Message) to the victims Twitter account and if the victim opens the DM (direct message) he/she is directed to a phishing page which looks like a genuine page,”

He said, adding that there are even other ways a Twitter account can get compromised, “If the user fills the login credentials on this page his login information is gone to the hackers who later use it to login and change the original password and take control of the account,”

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He also noted users with large number of followers should switch on the two-factor authentication for their account.

“All the social media services (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook etc,) have the security and privacy feature of two-factor authentication. This will make it difficult for a hacker to take control of your social media account,” Katkar said.

He also added, “I will also recommend everyone to go and read/check/understand all the settings under security and privacy of your social media account. It has a lot of features to keep your account safe,”

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