Huawei Acquires 46 Commercial 5G Contracts From 30 Countries

Huawei Now Has The Most Advanced 5G Technology.

In spite of the US ban, Huawei Acquires 46 Commercial 5G Contracts from 30 countries and shipped more than one lakh 5G stations globally.

Most of us know Huawei only as smartphone manufactures, but Huawei is far beyond than this. Huawei started to become the world leader in telecom networking equipment. Apart from this, it is becoming one of the top smartphone manufacturers, alongside Samsung and Apple.

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As compared to the current 4G LTE networks, 5G is the next generation of cellular technology. And Its download speed is 10 to 100 times faster. Due to the escalating trade war between the US and China Donal Trump administration has already blacklisted Huawei. Any company from the US cannot make any trade with Huawei, and any technology which is jointly invented with the USA cannot be shared with them. That’s why Huawei is hugely under pressure. The US says China could use Huawei products to spy on people.
Recently Google, and other big tech and internet companies are following the Trump administration’s guidelines. Not only the US other countries are also looking towards that decision.

In this situation, the company claimed that Huawei acquires 46 commercial from 30 countries.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China on Thursday granted commercial-use 5G licenses to four state-owned telecom giants to start rolling out 5G services, signaling Beijing’s determination to be the global leader in setting up superfast wireless networks.

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