Waiting for AdSense approval of new site owners could be increased

The covid-19 outbreak now hits the aspirations of the new site owners who wanted to use Google AdSense to their platforms.

From all over the world, so many bloggers, site owners, monetize their content with Google AdSense. It is very popular amongst website or blog owners. Every month so many bloggers, YouTube creators, site owners apply for AdSense approval. But due to the Covit-19 outbreak, the AdSense team informed that they are restructuring their site review teams.

The Novel Coronavirus impacted the USA severely as well as the whole world. In this situation, Google already informed on many platforms that they are running their service with a limited workforce. For YouTube creators, Google previously reported that they would start relying more on technology to perform tasks, which would be done by humans.

Now, on the AdSense community, Google stated that due to the current situations, new site approval might be temporarily unavailable. They also mentioned that they are working on this, and as soon the situation changes, they will inform about that.

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