Google introduces Health Connect app and is now available in beta

Internet tech giant Google on Monday introduced the Health Connect app. Aimed at health and fitness enthusiasts, the app allows users to manage their fitness data from multiple apps in one place. The Google Health Connect is currently in the testing phase and its beta version is available for download on the Google Play store.

Called Health Connect, the app was first introduced at Google I/O in May 2022. Google created the Health Connect app in collaboration with Samsung. Google said the app would help users centralize the management of all fitness apps. Health Connect enables users to share health and fitness data across Android devices. In order to gain credit on an app, users can also share data of the workout they did on a different app with the Health Connect app.

According to Google, currently, there are over ten health, fitness, and wellness apps that are compatible for integration with the platform. Some of them are MyFitnessPal, Oura, Peloton, Samsung Health, Fitbit, and more.

In the blog post, Google says that, “Health Connect provides a standardized data schema which supports 40+ data types across 6 categories. Through the first wave of integrations, we have seen Health Connect provide many key benefits to developers.”

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