Xiaomi launches Mi Eco-Active T-shirts from 100 Percent ‘Recyclable Plastic’

Xiaomi has launched a new Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt in India. The Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt is environment-friendly clothing that is made for fitness enthusiasts.

According to the company, this new T-Shirt is made from 100 percent ‘Recyclable plastic'. The Xiaomi also claims that the products are designed for a smooth and comfortable fitness session.

“At Mi India, we are cognizant of our responsibility towards the environment and realize the need for an eco-friendly lifestyle. We have actively worked towards creating merchandise that not only offers optimal breathability but is ingeniously designed to reduce waste by using discarded PET bottles to manufacture the T-shirts that can be further recycled too,” said Raghu Reddy, Chief Business Officer, Xiaomi India.


It has a moisture-wicking system that helps absorb moisture quickly and remains relatively dry during intense workout sessions too.

The manufacturing process also produces 70 percent lesser carbon emissions and saves 2,600 liters of water in comparison to regular cotton T-shirts.

As noted by the company, the Xiaomi Mi Eco Active T-shirt will be available on on crowdfunding for Rs 999. At present, it is available only in white color option.

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