Vir Das’ advice to actors who give lectures on equality

Mumbai, June 16 (IANS) Comedian Vir Das has urged his fellow actors from the entertainment industry to treat everyone equally irrespective of their role and power status.

“Before any actor starts giving lectures on equality, I would highly recommend they check the way they treat ADs, crew members, junior artists, writers and all the people with less power than them on a film. The notion that equality should only exist between actors, is bulls**t,” Vir Das tweeted.

Seeing Vir Das' tweet, netizens lauded him for raising a valid point.

A user commented: “Quite idealistic. It is not really about film industry. It is life. Bosses in regular offices are the very same. Or even if us with people that work for us be it maids, drivers, bhaaji waala etc.”

Another one wrote: “Quite awaking voice you raised.”

Vir Das is quite vocal about his views on social media.

He recently called out media channels for inviting people on panel discussion to talk about deceased people they didn't even know, indirectly referring to actor Sushant Singh Rajput's demise.

On the work front, Vir Das was last seen in the web series “Hasmukh”.



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