US President Donald Trump Again Blamed China For The Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump has sharpened his attack on China once again over the COVID-19 pandemic. He pointing that the Coronavirus came from there.

According to the media report, Trump said, “It came from China. It should have never been allowed to get out. They could have stopped it, but they didn’t do that. And we’ll have further reports on that. But it came from China. They stopped it from going into China, but they didn’t stop it from going to the rest of the world.”

“But this is happening all over the world, not just the United States. And it’s a tough one. It’s very tough and very sad when you see death. It’s all death that could have — could’ve been stopped by China. If they wanted to stop it, they could’ve stopped it,” Trump also added.

Apart from this, he talked about the development of the vaccine. He said, “Johnson & Johnson is doing a great job in developing the vaccine for Coronavirus.”

The US CDC reports 63,201 new coronavirus cases with the total now 3,761,362 cases versus 3,698,161 in the previous report on July 19. It reports 498 new deaths due to coronavirus, with the total now 140,157 deaths versus 139,659 in the previous report on July 19.

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