Twitter praise for Hindi-speaking Senegalese fan of Kher

New Delhi, Nov 26 (IANS) Bollywood actor Anupam Kher’s social media video of a Senegalese woman speaking Hindi and a self-professed Hindi movie buff had social media users heaping praise on her and the actor.

The 1.11 minute clipping was posted by Kher on Twitter and Instagram. The clipping got 546K views on Instagram and 1,864 comments. It garnered 3.3K retweets and 21.3K likes on Twitter.

Anupam Kher wrote on @AnupamPKher as well as Instagram: “I met Ayesha from Senegal while shooting in Bellevue Hospital. Her honest emotions in pure Hindi touched the soul of my heart. She was so real. I will pray for her sister. Thank you, Ayesha. This is the best day of my life too. And I love the magic of Hindi cinema. Jai Ho!”

Kher was in New York for a shoot for the US TV show ‘New Amsterdam’.

In the video, Ayesha is heard saying: “Main aapki bahut badi fan hoon (I am a big fan of yours).”

She also talked of how she found it hard to believe that she was meeting him. As for her good Hindi, she said she learnt the language by watching Hindi movies.

As Kher asked her if she remembered any of his movies, she mented ‘Chaalbaaz”. She also said that she didn’t miss any of his films.

Reacting to the clipping, one user wrote: “So beautiful and touching!!”

One user remarked: “Her Hindi is more soulful than those of some of the synthetic actresses in Bollywood.”

Another fan wrote: “Sir, I am based in Senegal. Here people are still huge fan of Mithun, Jitendra, Amitabh ji. They adore the role of Sridevi in Naagin. Their favourite serial is Vaidehi, which is on national television, translated in French.”

Another post took a potshot at Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu: “… who inspite of working in Hindi film industry feels its below her dignity to speak in Hindi.”

“Let’s take a moment and appreciate her command of the language that is totally alien to her. That too by just watching Hindi movies. Just wow,” read another post.

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