Shruti Haasan has a ‘mega clean day’

Mumbai, May 20 (IANS) Amid lockdown, actress Shruti Haasan had a mega clean day and she also took out time for some dancing amid all the cleaning.

Shruti took to Instagram Stories, where she shared a video of herself dancing. In the clip she is seen sporting a black tank top and has rubber gloves on.

“Today is mega clean day – but always make the time to have a little dance,” Shruti wrote on the clip.

She later shared a video of herself making funny faces and wrote: “I'm still cleaning WTH.”

Shruti has also been doing a bit of cooking amid lockdown. She posted a picture of a mango with some lentils and chillies.

“The EASIEST mango pappu!! I love this so much I had it for the first time when I visited Hyderabad as a kid and feel in love it's super easy to make hits make sure the raw mango turns translucent so you know it's done ! Add spice according to your Taste but I keep it mild so I can proper taste the mango 🙂 yummy,” she captioned the image.

A while back, Shruti shared that her father and actor-politician Kamal Haasan has never punished or yelled at her.

Shruti was treating her fans with a question-answer session, where one user asked the “worst punishment” she has got from her father.

Shruti replied: “My dad never punished, yelled at me. He wasn't like that. He was always using reason and logic, but I think I once made a mistake and he was like ‘I am so disappointed'.”



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