Reliance Jio Fiber To Roll Out Sept 5- See Offers And Price

The Highest Plan Of Jio GigaFiber Will Offer 1 Gbps Speed At Rs. 10,000 Per Month.

The long anticipation of the Jio Fiber comes on an end, Reliance to launch the Jio Fiber broadband services commercially across India on September 5.

The optical fiber-based broadband service will offer internet speed from 100 MBps to 1GBps. The Jio Fiber is called “GigaFiber” and was first announced at last year’s Annual General Meeting of Reliance. Reliance also began its high-speed broadband service for trial for a year approx 1600 towns in India. There Jio receives 15 million registration in this duration. On the last AGM of Reliance, they clarified moire about JIo Fiber launch.

Jio Fiber Plans:

According to the company, the Giga Fiber plans will start at Ra. 700 per month for 100 Mbps and end up with Rs. 10,000 per month with 1GBps speed. The company noted,

“Currently our JioFiber services are prepaid. We plan to launch the JioFiber Post-paid in due course of time.”

Jio Fiber Features:

For now, Jio is not charging any amount for installation but Jio is currently charging a deposit amount of Rs. 2500 which is refundable. Jio Fiber users will be able to access movies on same day they release on theaters with “First Day First Show.” This feature is coming on next year said the company. Besides that, users will also get a free landline connection.
For the users, JIo GigaFiber introduced a welcome offer where users will receive a FULL HD or 4 LED Tv and a 4K set-top box. Jio set-top box features VR and MR compatibility, and any more. It is also compatible with all gaming controllers. The Jio GigaFiber users can make group video calls, stream from local channels and popular OTT platforms with Jio set-top box.
Jio mentioned on its website that, “As part of our initial rollout we are offering complimentary JioFiber installation and connection to all our customers. Other than the refundable security deposit, as of now, there are no additional installation charges.”

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