myFanPark to be launched in India

Mumbai, May 18 (IANS) South African startup app myFanPark, which helps fans to get shout out messages from their favourite celebrities, will soon be launched in India to connect celebrities with their fans globally.

Sharing the details, Shailendra Singh, the man behind bringing myFanPark to India, said: “Connecting fans to their heroes and giving them the opportunity to experience the sheer excitement of getting a personalised message from their idols is incredibly powerful and something I just had to be a part of. The launch of myFanPark in India is a massive opportunity for us to unlock the positive power that our local heroes possess to uplift, inspire and motivate their fans on a personal level.”

myFanPark is known for delivering personalised video messages of motivation, inspiration, hope and joy.

Iain Banner, the Chairman of myFanPark, said, “America has already seen incredible opportunity and success with Chicago-based Cameo, a similar platform that includes 18,000 celebrities and famous faces from predominantly American pop culture, sports and social influencers. We believe the scale and opportunity in the Indian market for myFanPark will exceed that of Cameo in America.”



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