Mobility startup Bounce enters EV segment with Exicom

New Delhi, Nov 18 (IANS) Bengaluru-based mobility startup Bounce has partnered with Exicom Tele-systems in a bid to enter the electric vehicle segment.

“Within 10 months of their launch in Bengaluru, the firm completed over five million rides, covering 30 million km. Now, they are looking towards going electric. To help this transition, Exicom is providing its latest generation of swappable Li-ion batteries and supporting charging solutions,” a statement by Exicom Tele-systems said on Monday.

Apart from being safe and reliable, these batteries are intelligent and IoT (Internet of Things) enabled to provide superior customer experience and hassle-free back-end maintenance operations, it said.

Bounce is currently piloting with a few thousand scooters in Bangalore and is looking to ramp up supply in the next 12 months, it added.

“India is at the cusp of an electric mobility revolution and we at Bounce believe that we are in a position to accelerate these changes. We believe that electric mobility will take off first with shared mobility. We are excited to partner with Exicom in our mission to making mobility a fundamental right,” said Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO, Bounce.

Anant Nahata, Managing Director of Exicom, said: “This is the largest deployment of electric 2-wheeler vehicles in shared mobility space in India and hope this is first of many steps in our goal of achieving emission free and clean mobility.”

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