Mailchimp To Collect GST From Indian Businesses Who Aren’t GST Registered

One of the biggest email marketing companies in the world, Mailchimp is likely to collect the Goods and Services Tax from its Indian customers who are not GST registered.

The company informed its users from India through email that the tax deduction will start on June 1, 2022. However, people who are registered with GST numbers would require no additional taxes at all.
The Goods and Services Tax was implemented in India on July 1st, 2017 with the aim to centralize the tax system in India. before the GST, state and central governments used to collect various taxes from the businesses and consumers. After the GST system came, Government set different tax slabs for different types of commodities and services. Digital services, like websites, software, various digital products, and most importantly the digital marketing sector also come under the GST.
Mailchimp, which is widely used in India as well as around the globe urged people to submit their GST numbers to the Mailchimp dashboard, which has GST registered businesses. In India, GST for digital services is 18%. SO, after the GST is added, people are likely to see a massive increase in their email marketing plans.

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