Jio Saarthi Digital Assistant Launched To Help You Make Recharges

The Jio Saarthi Will be Available Through MyJio App.

Reliance Jio today launched a new digital assistant service called ‘Jio Saarthi‘ for their subscribers. It will help you to make digital recharges easier.

The new interactive in-app genie that is integrated within the MyJio app to facilitate digital recharges for Jio subscribers. Jio Saarthi is available is initially available in English and Hindi and it will be gradually made available in 12 more regional languages.

How to work Reliance Jio Saarthi

It will provide step-by-step voice directions for picking up a recharge option through the MyJio app. Besides that, the Jio Saarthi will help you to locate payment details, like how to find card number and where you need to enter it. Reliance Jio has developed this service specifically for Jio users who have not yet done an online recharge. To start with the new edition, users need to have the latest MyJio app on their smartphones. To find the Jio Saarthi you need goes to the recharge button, there you will find a floating icon after that you have to need to tap that icon to start receiving voice-based directions for digital recharge.

The company says the innovation is a first-of-its-kind digital initiative in the industry. Jio believes this assisted customer journey innovation will encourage adoption of digital recharges among users who have so far been unsure about the digital recharge process.

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