Flipkart To Replace 40 Percent Of Its Delivery Vans With EVs

This Initiative Will Reduce Flipkart's Carbon Emissions By 50 Percent.

E-commerce giant Flipkart which is controlled by the Wallmart is aimed to replace 40 percent of its last mile fleet with electronic vehicles by March 2020.

As the first move from the company, around 160 electric vehicles will be deployed at any cities in India by 2019. This initiative will make Flipkart the first e-commerce company to use the Evs on a large scale.
Amitesh Jha, who is the senior vice president, Ekart and Marketplace, at Flipkart, said in an interview on Thursday that,

“The objective is to be hundred percent EV.” Also noted, “How long it will take will obviously depend on multiple kinds of things like, what is the charging capacity, how far they can go, what kind of network we have. But 40% is a number that we feel very confident just based on the manufacturing capability for our partners, as well as our requirement right now that we should be able to do actually within a year.”

Flipkart currently using 8 EVs in Hyderabad, 30 electric bikes in Bengaluru, and 10 in Delhi.
“We believe these small but meaningful steps in this direction will go a long way in paving the way for larger adoption of EVs in the country.”Kalyan Krishnamurthy, group CEO of Flipkart, said in a statement. “Our team is working with local ecosystem partners to help them co-design concepts for electric vehicles best suited for the growing e-commerce industry.”
Flipkart is also working with local electronic vehicles makers to produce the most suitable for the company, Flipkart stated on June 27 on a statement.

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