Facebook Unveiled New Rules For Political Advertising Worldwide

These Tools Were First Unveiled In US And Now Facebook Is Expanding Them Across The Globe.

Social media giant Facebook rolled out its transparency tools to increase “transparency” firstly in the US. Now They are expanding it.

Sarah Schiff, Product Manager at Facebook, said in a blog post on Tuesday that, “Now we’re expanding proactive enforcement on these ads to countries where elections or regulations are approaching, starting with Ukraine, Singapore, Canada, and Argentina.”

Facebook confirm IDs and allow them to reveal who is behind the ads. That is a part of Facebook’s authorization process. “We’re also rolling out access to our Ad Library API globally so regulators, journalists, watchdog groups and other people can analyze ads about social issues, elections or politics and help hold advertisers and Facebook accountable,” said the Company.

Facebook said, “The authorization process will not change in countries where we’ve previously launched, and people who previously authorized will not need to reauthorize.”

The company said, “Beginning today, we will systematically detect and review ads in Ukraine and Canada through a combination of automated and human review. In Singapore and Argentina, we will begin enforcement within the next few months.”

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