Facebook rolls out dark mode beta for web interface

San Francisco, Oct 21 (IANS) Months after announcing its plans to give a design overhaul at the F8 Conference in May, Facebook has finally begun rolling out the dark mode in beta for its web interface for some users, the media reported.

Several users have have said that they got prompted by the social networking giant to try out the new interface.

After accepting, they get asked if they’d like to use the white or dark layout. The choice is also available under the quick settings accessible from the top right avatar, Android Police reported on Sunday.

According to few screenshots posted on Twitter, the dark mode changes the platform’s traditionally white interface into dark grey and has a new layout as part of the redesign too.

Of course, the new design is not universally liked, and it even has issues with text readability in a few dark mode screens. But that’s the price of any early release, the report added.

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