DU VC appeals to contribute to PM CARES fund

New Delhi, May 19 (IANS) The Delhi University Vice Chancellor has appealed to the teaching and non-teaching staff to contribute to the PM CARES fund in India's fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

The academic powerhouse has also started ‘DU Care for Neighbour' program to feed the hungry and marginalized.

“We have come to realize that we are in the midst of the biggest battle that human civilization has fought in recent centuries. Life as we know has come to a standstill. There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of have-nots in every part of the world,” said Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi in his emotional appeal to his colleagues.

The ‘DU Care for Neighbour' was launched late April by both North and South campuses to feed the hungry, mostly migrant labourers, around the area. At the time, Tyagi had reached out to the alumni through an open letter which read: Today, your alma mater urges you to intensify your efforts to serve the society in whatever form you can from wherever you are located.”

The V-C appealed to his colleagues to contribute “to the best of your capacity” to the PM CARES fund to “repay debt to those who have nurtured us”.

“Let the university be known not only for its academic excellence but also for its philanthropic fragrance,” he said.



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