Dropbox Launches New Service That Can Transfer Up To 100GB Of Files

This Service Will Be Available Only For Professional Plan Users.

Us-based cloud storage provider Dropbox has launched a new service that can send up to 100GB of files. Now users can share their files very easily.

The company claims Dropbox Transfer offers the users to send a copy of a file rather than a link to a synced file which the owner could modify or delete later on. In a blog post, the company said that the service would allow users to potentially send up to 100GB of files, which can be done through dragging and dropping files from a user's computer or Dropbox account onto the tool. Once the files are selected, Transfer will create a link that can be sent to anyone, including people that do not use Dropbox.

Moreover, Dropbox Transfer allows users to customize their file transfer using options like password protection and expiration date. The service will also notify senders when the file has been downloaded and provide other data, including viewership stats.

According to a report by ZDNet, once Transfer is available to all users, Dropbox's Basic users will be able to send 100MB with each file transfer and Plus users will be able to send 2GB. The transfer file links will only be live for seven days for Basic and Plus customers, and however, Professional customers will get up to 90 days.

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