Differently-abled people stitch masks and PPE kits

Jaipur, June 3 (IANS) The physically-challenged people too have joined the fight against Covid-19 by stitching masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits in Udaipur.

Working under the Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS), they recently offered 700 face masks to the city railway station for use by passengers, migrant workers and employees for protrction against coronavirus.

Five differently-abled people at this organisation have also stitched the PPE kits and 525 of them have been given to the Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO), Udaipur.

“Last month, we got the order for 500 kits from the CMHO's office. We delivered the kits 10 days ago,” said Prashant Agarwal, NSS president.

The NSS has handed over 700 face masks to station superintendents for the safety of passengers and employees. It has also supplied free food and ration kits to the needy.



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