Covid 19: More Kerala prisoners to get parole

Thiruvananthapuram, April 10 (IANS) The Kerala government on Friday came out with an order which will enable all prisoners parole of up to 30 days. The prisoners include men above 60 years and women above 50 years, who are not sentenced in major crimes.

This is to ensure that there is no crowding in Kerala jails in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, the order said.

But this order will not be applicable to those prisoners who are sentenced to crimes such as TADA, POCSO, UAPA, NDPS and such crimes.

The order allows prisoners who are currently out on parole and their period has ended, but they are unable to return to the prisons due to non- availability of public transport, to return by April 30.

Pregnant women, those who have minor children and other prisoners who are under treatment will also get 30-day parole.

On March 30 the Kerala High Court granted parole till April 30 to all prisoners in the state who are either under trial or remand prisoners, provided they are sentenced to less than seven years' imprisonment.

According to reports, in the 54 jails in the state, there are 8,600 prisoners and this move could benefit around 2,500 prisoners.

The court had directed that all such prisoners who go on parole have to first report to their nearest police station and remain in their homes.

In case of any violation, the police can arrest such prisoners and put them back in jail.



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