Court’s should function with restricted entry: Delhi bar council

New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) The Bar Council of Delhi on Tuesday said that court should be made functional with restrictive entry in order to curtail the difficulties being faced by the litigants.

Speaking to IANS, BCD Chairman K.C. Mittal said, “Some courts shall be made functional with restrictive entry so that more work can take place inside the court.”

Mittal also said that the litigants are being affected largely because of the current status of functioning of the courts. “Lawyers are not able to move courts for bail. There are so many matters where urgent hearing is required but all that is not happening,” he said.

“Initially the HC started a system to hear matters through video conferencing but it wasn't really effective as many lawyers are not tech savy, but we know that the HC is considering the same and something would be done,” the BCD Chairman told IANS.

The BCD is also taking unanimous decision on how financial help can be provided to the lawyers since the lockdown has affected their working.



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