Corporate travel tech platform Deem to invest $10mn in India

Bengaluru, Sep 25 (IANS) Technology provider for the corporate travel industry Deem Inc on Wednesday announced to invest $10 million to bolster its R&D capabilities in India.

The investment will position the company’s Bengaluru India centre as an R&D hub for Deem’s product development worldwide, the company said in a statement. The company currently has 100 employees in Bengaluru, focused on R&D.

“We will optimize our presence in APAC using India as a strong foothold. Corporate travel management in India is at a ripe stage and this is an opportune time for us to develop a strong talent pool that can support our business growth in this geography,” said Neil Markey, SVP Product and Chief Information Officer, Deem Inc.

The company plans to double its India headcount in the next two years to create a Centre of Excellence (COE) on quality assurance (QA) automation as well as the development of the next generation travel platform by working closely with the Ireland and San Francisco centres.

Deem is aiming for the COE on data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that is focused on creating an enhanced user experience along with business intelligence to enable quicker and better decision making for their customers.

“In India, Bengaluru has some of the brightest tech talent and we look forward to driving innovation through our Centre of Excellence to disrupt the corporate travel industry,” said Ramesh Kalanje, VP and GM, Deem Inc.

Deem is wholly owned by Enterprise Holdings, the world’s largest car rental provider.

Disclaimer:- The source of this news is IANS and has not been edited by TwistArticle staff.

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