Big Billion Days Sale 2022 Is Now Live For Flipkart Plus Members

Flipkart Plus members are now up for the Big Billion Days sale 2022 and will be getting exclusive and massive discounts in this festive season sale.

Shopping giant Flipkart has already informed users that the 2022 Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale will start on 23rd September and will continue to 30th September. During the sale, consumers will get discounts up to 80 percent on various electronic gadgets such as Smartphones, Smart TVs, laptops, and more.
With the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, users will get an additional 8% off and 5% Cash Back. Also, Flipkart Pay Later is also available.
The Big Billion day sale is one of the most anticipated sales for users in India. Two big players currently in the online shopping industry are Amazon and Flipkart and both have already geared up for the sale. On the side When Flipkart is already the sale for the Plus users, Amazon is not far behind. They have also started a sale for their Prime members.
The Flipkart Plus users get additional benefits other than the normal customers But not like Amazon Prime, Flipkart Users get the Plus membership through their coin earnings. This year, Flipkart is offering massive discounts on smartphone brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, and more.
The iPhone 13 was up for sale in this Flipkart Big Billions Day Sale with a massive discount from midnight. The phone was originally priced at Rs. 69,000 for the 128GB variant but Flipkart was offering the phone at an immense price of Rs. 49,990. However, later the price got up and some users took it to Twitter and posted hilarious memes as the price was increasing slightly.

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