Beyond foldable PC or 5G, how Lenovo draws from customer experience

Las Vegas, Jan 8 (IANS) Lenovo, which took a spot at the CES high table by creating a splash with the ThinkPad X1 Fold, the world’s first foldable PC, said that in order to continue to innovate, it had to understand customer experience.

This has been Lenovo’s recurrent theme on questions what drives its future plans and repeated by its spokespersons at the ‘CES 2020’ here.

Dilip Bhatia, Lenovo’s Vice President, Global Marketing, User and Customer Experience, PCs and Smart Devices said during an interaction that the X1 Fold and the 5G devices were indeed the marquee launches for the company at the annual technology trade show this year.

He also suggested that the subtext of the 5G launch is that people want instant connectivity. “No one wants to wait to download. That’s where 5G enables things,” Bhatia said.

To address customer pain points and enhance customer experience, he said, Lenovo was looking at trends – for instance, what was the future of work and computing.

This means the focus was on audio, display and battery life. “We are at the cusp of innovating on AI,” he noted.

Bhatia pointed out that customer experience was driven by smartphones and that meant, among others, an always-on aspect.

“Voice is a key feature,” he said, adding that Lenovo was actively involved in improving the battery life of its devices.

Speaking on the challenges of fighting obsolescence that tech companies face, he said what drives customers is enhanced experiences.

“That’s what drives upgrades in companies. And we understand pain points. The average lifecycle (of devices) is three-to-four years and that has stayed more or less flat,” he said.

Bhatia noted that there was a long way to go in achieving digital transformation.

“We have a long way to go with businesses in improving customer experiences,” the Lenovo executive stressed.

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