After releasing the trailer of the film Aadhaar, it went trending with #Aadhaar on social media

Vineet Kumar Singh and Saurabh Shukla starrer the comedian film Aadhaar trailer has been successfully released on today January 13, 2021. Soon after seeing the trailer of the film, a section of Netizens on Wednesday has made it trending with #Aadhaar on Twitter.

The film is directed by award-winning filmmaker Suman Ghosh and produced by Manish Mundra. The film tells the tale of the first person to obtain his Aadhaar number from Jamua, a village in Jharkhand, and the drama that follows.

The movie has been produced by Drishyam Films and Jio Studios.

The movie is set in 2011, around the time when enrolment for unique Aadhaar numbers began across the country.

The clip opens in Jamua, as a car enters the village with a popular Salman Khan song playing in it.

Assuming the star himself has arrived in the village, people run toward the car, but their expectations are crushed when some government officials show up.

The government officials introduce the concept of the Aadhaar card to the villagers, but they show little interest in it suspecting that the government might misuse their personal information through it.

The two-minute-long trailer promises a gripping tale of India's massive Aadhaar allocation exercise from different viewpoints.

Further, the heart-warming innocence of the characters and impressive performances from the actors are evident throughout the clip.

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