YouTube Introduces Learning Playlists For Educational Videos

The Platform Plans To Begin The Playlists With Khan Academy And TED-Ed.

YouTube is introducing a new education feature called Learning Playlists with dedicated landing pages. The page will provide various educational videos.

According to the Verge, the educational videos will be played on various topics like math, science, music, and language, and free from algorithmic recommendations.

The free-from-recommendations Playlists would have organizational features like chapters around key concepts, ordered from beginner to advanced lessons to help viewers’ focus on their lessons without distractions.

The videos, as part of the educational playlists, would not autoplay at the end of a playlist either, reducing the chances of users' falling asleep during chemistry lessons and waking up to videos about conspiracy theories.

In October 2018, YouTube announced that it was investing $20 million to fund resources for educational creators and organizations through a Learning Fund initiative.

The platform plans to begin the playlists with trusted partners like Khan Academy and TED-Ed, the report added.

However, it remains unclear exactly when would the playlists be rolled out on the platform.

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