Xiaomi launched its first ‘smart glasses’ that can be used to take calls, capture photos, and more

Global technology leader, Xiaomi today introduced its first pair of smart glasses called ‘Xiaomi Smart Glasses'. The new Xiaomi glasses are capable of displaying messages and notifications, make calls, navigate, capture photos and even translate text.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses feature a MicroLED imaging technology that helps them make look like a normal pair of glasses. The electronics maker has used a 0.13-inch MicroLED display on the Smart Glasses that weigh 51 grams. MicroLEDs also have a high pixel density and allow for a more compact display and easier screen integration.

Xiaomi claims to have used a display chip on the display that is around the size of a grain of rice. The display is monochrome, and it can reach a peak brightness of 2 million nits. In a press release, the company also claims that to have used an optical waveguide technology to “transmit light beams to the human eye through the microscopic grating structure of the optical waveguide lens.”

Xiaomi also shared a video of the Smart Glasses, which shows the display is in front of the eyes, and it looks quite futuristic.

The Smart Glasses feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support for connectivity. They run on the Android platform and have a touchpad as well. However, it has not revealed the pricing of the Smart Glasses or its launch date.

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