Will crack down now on parking, lane violations: Delhi Traffic Police

New Delhi, May 19 (IANS) The Delhi Traffic Police on Tuesday said it will be prioritising action against improper parking and lane violations in the coming weeks to decongest roads and make them safer.

Since the lockdown, the Delhi Traffic Police has issued over one lakh notices through SMS for compoundable offences captured on camera.


“The Delhi Traffic Police would be prioritising action against improper parking and lane violation during driving in the coming weeks to decongest driving space on the road and to make road driving more safe,” an official statement said.

It said that during the lockdown period — between March 25 and May 17 — the Delhi Traffic Police has immediately shifted its strategy from physical traffic enforcement to electronic enforcement in order to protect the health of police personnel and public.

“During the period, Delhi Traffic Police have issued total 1,00,436 notices through SMS and 80 notices through speed post under compoundable offence category based on violations captured by cameras,” it said.

The traffic police also said that during the lockdown period, violations against improper parking were also registered through Violation on Camera App and 7,998 notices were sent.

“In the same period, we have also distributed the immunity booster kit, and encouraged practice of yoga among traffic staff to keep good health. With the help of public, traffic ranges had organised food, mask, sanitiser distribution to the needy people.”

It said that in this pandemic situation, the Delhi Traffic Police in association with the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), Indraprastha Gas Ltd and Eicher Motor Ltd. organised a road safety and corona sensitisation campaign for commercial vehicle drivers at Burari Ground and more than 3,000 kits were distributed among the truck drivers who were also sensitised how to protect themselves from Covid-19 virus.

“Because of the pandemic situation, we have also organised the counselling session for Traffic staff through webinars. Many prominent hospitals have come forward to sensitise Delhi Police Staff about Covid-19. DCsP/Traffic Ranges have been nominated as Nodal Health Officer for the range, who is briefing and sensitising the staff regarding prevention and protection from Covid-19 infection.”



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