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Why Is Google Search Console Inevitable To Use For Your Website?

If you own any kind of website or about to start, Understanding the Google Search Console is very important for your website health, performance, and traffic.

Analyzing is very important for any improvement whether it is a product or service. A website is much more complex no matter if you create a customize one or use WordPress to develop it. If you want your website to get succeed,

  • You need an analysis of how people are interacting with your site.
  • How your website is performing on search engines.

If you want to trace your website duration, CTR, bounce rate, you will need tools such as Google Analytics.

But, if you want to check how your website is performing on Google then you will need a platform, named Google Search Console. In this article, you will come to know about Google Search Console. What it is and what it does. So, let's get started with,

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service by which website owners see how their website performs on search engines, have any issues, and has how to fix them. The Google Search Console was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool. People who are working on websites and search engines before 2015 would know it.

However, let’s dig deeper into Google Search Console to understand it better.

But before understanding the Search Console, we need to understand some basic concepts of how our website appears on Google and how they know what we have on our platform.

Basic understanding of how our website appears on Google search:

When we create a website, no matter type of website it is, it won’t come on search results unless we submit it to search engines. In simple terms, search engines need to read and store our website data to show a relevant result when someone does a relevant search. After creating the website, we ask the search engine to crawl our website. Then search engines crawl it and store data in their data centers in different formats.

When someone makes any search on Google, their bots scan their database, and algorithms decide which results to show the visitor.

To perform all these tasks, Google Search Console plays a vital role in keeping the system working.

Google Search console offers lots of tools to check their website performance. You get helpful insights on keywords ow people interacting with your content.

What does Google Search Console do?

Google Search Console has various applications which are very important. It has so many usages, below we are mentioning some of its general and handy usages.

Are Google bots properly checking your site?

Google all these crawling and calculation tasks by their sophisticated bots. These bots are actually a piece of functions they come on your site. Different type of bots checks different things on your site. With the Google Search Console, you will figure out are the bots are doing their job properly or not. That is very important to know because these bots do lots of jobs and if they are unable to do their job, your website performance would be affected.

Is your content is indexing on Google?

Well, that is probably the most crucial thing among website owners because if your content is not indexed on Google, it will not appear on the search result when someone is searching content for you. You can also trace that how much time it is taking to index your new content on your website.  If it takes too much time, you need to find the reason because if your content is lagging behind, you won’t receive much traffic—however, different types of the content index on the search engine in different timing. For example, news websites have a news site map that’s the reason they almost indexed instantly or took very little time.

Checking the AMP pages:

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages, and it is a different version of a normal website. It is developed by Google so that users who have a slow internet connection can visit your website or page. Now, as it is a different thing from your website, you need to do several other things, other codings, structures, and many more. If it cannot be done correctly, it causes a problem and does not show the AMP result of your site. This Google Search Console provides bundles of tools to examine your AMP website and pages. It helps you to determine various AMP issues to your website and to fix them.

Mobile user experience test:

Apart from the AMP, specifically for the slow internet connection, mobile users experience mobile users with stable internet connections. You can check whether your web pages are mobile-friendly or not. It gives you detailed insights on where you have an issue with the mobile experience so that you can fix it.

Detailed insights with the URLs:

Facing link issues to our website cannot be prevented. The only solution with it is to monitor it constantly. However, Google bots do this task for you if you use the Google Search Console for your site. So many times, any page has changed, any link got broken, and other things happen. This tool lets you know which page you have an issue with. After fixing the issue, you let Google know that the problem is solved. Then search engine again starts crawling the pages.

Improving Rich results:

You may have noticed that some results appear at the top that looks different from other below results when you search a query. It might be some image at the right and text at the left, or it might be in bullet format or something else. These are called rich results. When you appear on the rich results, you get more traffic than usual. But to appear on search results, you need to make some changes to data structures. You can make the changes, know about rich result information through Google Search Console.

Thanks for reading. We hope this article was interesting enough. Read more related articles below.

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