WhatsApp Update: Now WhatsApp users can choose who can view ‘Last Seen’ status

WhatsApp is finally rolling out an update to beta users, adding a new privacy option to hide your Last seen status on WhatsApp from specific contacts. So, you can soon add your co-workers, your boss, and your most annoying relatives to that list on WhatsApp.

According to a media report, while there is a way to disable Blue Ticks and the “Last Seen” date in WhatsApp, it is a very limited function that allows you to set the two features on or off. WhatsApp has included a new privacy feature that allows you to hide your Last Seen status on WhatsApp from certain contacts in a new version. As a result, users will soon be able to choose who can view their “Last Seen” timestamp.

Currently, if users want to hide their last seen from people, they need to go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen. Here, users can only see three options – Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. With the upcoming update, there will be a new option – My Contacts Except…

This new and fourth option will allow users to hide their Last Seen time from specific contacts. Users will have to select contacts that they don’t want to share their last seen time with. This is similar to the option WhatsApp is bringing in order to let users decide who all can view their profile photos and About.

However, the feature is still in testing, and that's why WhatsApp is currently only rolling it out to beta users. Once rolled out, users will be able to hide their Last seen status from specific contacts.

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