Waive GST on medical items used in Covid-19 fight: Rahul

New Delhi, April 20 (IANS) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, here on Monday, demanded that no goods and services tax (GST) be charged on medical equipment used in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

“In this difficult times we are demanding that equipments and other necessary items essential for combating Covid-19 should be made GST free. It's wrong that the public which is already reeling under disease and poverty is being charged GST on soap, sanitiser, mask and gloves,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

Hand sanitisers invite 18 per cent GST, face mask 5 per cent and paracetamol tablets, PPE kits, ventilators 12 per cent. The tax was making these products more expensive for hospitals and people, increasing the burden on the masses struggling to make ends meet, said the Congress.

Therefore, the government must waive GST on these products and make them more affordable for the people, said the Congress.



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