Visaka Industries’ ATUM – integrated solar roof division acquires 20 years patent rights; making it India`s first Eco-Friendly Energy Generating Roof

Mumbai: Visaka Industries, one of the largest manufacturers of cement roofing sheets in the country has acquired 20 years of patent rights for ATUM – integrated solar roof division. The patent has been granted for the invention titled Eco-Friendly Energy Generating Roof. ATUM has been addressing coal-based power production by providing solutions for sectors like affordable housing, net-zero industries, and commercial establishments.

Speaking about achieving this milestone, Mr. Vamsi Gaddam – Joint Managing Director of Visaka Industries Ltd, said, “The invention Atum – The world’s first solar roof that generates power is an idea I have been worked upon from 2016 onwards, filed for the patent in March 2017 following which there were several hearings against global citations and we had to validate and make a point regarding the innovation of Atum. After all this, it’s just overwhelming. Today, we have a true innovation from India for the solar industry. This is what the thought was way back in 2016 when I was reading books on Steve Jobs, Richard Branson among others and I felt why can't there be more innovators and role models out of India, why do we always look for international leaders, non-Indian innovations and companies, leaders at large. This was the inspiration behind Atum and I am happy to share this moment for my state and country and my planet.

Atum is a simple roof that generates power for you. In today's world ‘roti kapda makan’ and now power, these are the necessities of life. We tried to identify the utility of the roof and put it to better use, for a better cause and that's how the idea was born. Atum generates 20- 40% more power compared to the traditional solar roofs. Atum also looks very aesthetically appealing and gives you an additional floor space which is not possible with the traditional systems.

Today, if you need a roof over your head, if you need power- the roof should be Atum – the electric roof. It's time to look forward it's time to innovate, thank you.”

At Visaka, we started our sustainability journey almost ten years ago to claim the developments and achievements we have so far with solutions that build, operate, and excel in the field. Visaka is striving to create a ‘renewable, green, and sustainable’ tomorrow. We are delighted to receive the patent for our innovative solution – ATUM – integrated solar roof. This makes it India`s first Eco-Friendly Energy Generating Roofand further strengthens our vision to Innovate Sustainability.”

Visaka's vision is to identify problems that we are facing as a society and find the most suitable, easy to adopt solutions. All the three new verticals of Visaka Industries are striving to address the three main non-renewable problems of the world today. Apart from ATUM division, Vnext is actively trying to solve the deforestation and the carbon emissions issue and the Textile division has developed sustainable yarns made out of PET bottles – addressing the issue of plastic waste.

Established in 1981, Visaka, being the second-largest manufacturer of cement roofing sheets in the country proudly shares the achievement of acquiring the largest market share in the Industry to take the No.1 position in terms of sales volume for the year 2019-20.

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