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Vimmy Push Ad Network Review: Excellent Way To Monetize Your Website?

Are looking for a Monetization solution for your website? You might find this Vimmy push ad network review quite helpful and interesting.

There is no end of ad network lists that site owners can join and make handsome income. Except, contextual ads, like Google AdSense, Media.Net, a huge space of monetization is covered by push notification ads. Most probably you have also encountered any push notification ads while visiting any website.

That’s because notification ads are of the highest ROI giving ads from the advertiser perspective as well as the ad publishers. In this article we will walk you through a newly launched push ad network Vimmy, that is creating hype in the market. We will be digging deep into its events and odds to give you in-depth information about the platform.

Let’s begin with,

Vimmy push ad network introduction:

Vimmy is a new player in the push notification ad sector. It is a Netherlands-based company. According to the company website, it has a team of professionals who have 8 years of experience in this field.

Vimmy Push Ad Network Review As Publisher Perspective

To serve customers with the latest technology available on the market, they have hired specialists in the ad tech field. Even though push notification is not a new thing in the market, Vimmy started its journey in 2020. But due to its state-of-the-art push notification and other functionalities, it has gained so much popularity. Its popularity can be measured by its usages. According to the company, it gets 2000 million ad requests daily and shares 650 million ad impressions daily.

From an ad publisher’s perspective, it’s an excellent ad network that helps you monetize your web traffic and earn handsome income from there. For website owners so many earning possibilities and features that can barely be found somewhere else. It has a wide range of advertisers to its network associated with platforms such as Clickdealer, Adcombo, MaxBounty, and many more.

Vimmy Ad Network dashboard introduction:

Vimmy offers one the most intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboards that are so easy even for a beginner to understand all the metrics and insights. All the reports regarding your earning can be observed by using various filtrations. You can get a more detailed report by customizing the report by the start date, end date, and hour. There are also many advanced filter options available. You can download your reports in CSV and Excel formats.

Vimmy Publisher Dashboard Statistics

Why do ad publishers choose Vimmy push ad network for their website?

There are many ad networks on the market. Many of them are for a while. In this competitive marketplace. Vimmy standouts by these below points,

Multiple ad formats for publishers:

Vimmy offers many types of ads such as, 

  • In-page Push.
  • Push.
  • Calendar Push for iOS.

Let’s first discuss,

Push ads:

Push ads are one the most popular ad formats that offer excellent ROI for the advertisers as well as the ad publishers. It is a native ad formative that is served only to the audience who are willing to get the advertisements to their mobile or desktop devices. They give higher conversion because people are already showed their interested and allowed to show the ads to them. Vimmy Push notification ads allow you to send them in a smart and most engaging way to the right audiences.

In-page Push ads:

In-page push ads are a new type of ad format that looks identical to the push notification but actually, they are not. These ads are actually banner ads that are displayed on the publisher's website and the user does not require to allow for the in-page push ads. They are also be seen on all Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Now, let’s come to an advanced ad network offered by Vimmy.

Calendar Push ads for iOS:

Calendar push ads are an innovative and latest ad format that helps publisher maximize their ad revenue. This ad format allows you to reach devices through the native calendar apps installed on their mobile devices and particularly functions well with iOS devices. In order to show this type of ad, the user needs to allow the calendar subscription reminders. These ads are basically reminders that are visible on each individual calendar app. These ads typically include a title, landing page URL, and a sort of text copy. As they do not have any image of that, the context should be highly riveting. A big reason, it grabs higher conversion is that it gain more trust with this ad format because it comes directly from an app they open and interact with daily. The Vimmy calendar push ads operate on both iOS and Mac devices and they are an ultra profitable ad format indeed. 

Calendar Push Ads For I O S And Mac Devices

Calendar Push Ads has some tremendous advantages for publishers such as,

Higher CPC rates:

Push calendar ads are one of the highest CPC providers because it has excellent conversion rates. That is because iOS consumers tend to interact more with the ads and take action. It is quite easy compared to usual push ads because the subscription rates on iOS devices are much lower compared to Android devices.

Easy to integrate:

For publishers at Vimmy, it is easy to install the Push Calendar ads on their platform. They have developed tailored multi tags that publishers simply need to the platform backend. After initiating this, the smart tags will determine when to trigger a calendar push subscription request.

High earning opportunities:

Ad publishers who are referred to with Vimmy as Vimmy Partners have huge earning possibilities. Vimmy push ad network works as a CPS or Revenue share model and it offers the highest revenue percentage to its publishers. All the ad formats that Vimmy offers are suitable to maximize your earnings. The revenue-sharing model is more efficient and profitable for the ad publishers in long run. Vimmy gives the highest 85% revenue to its publishers that no other ad network offers. Each click you get from your subscriber pays you 85% revenue of the click.

Vimmy Payyment Slip For Publishers

That’s insane because it’s nearly three times than their competitors available on the market. The payments are made every week so that you won’t have to wait for a month to get paid. Vimmy offers multiple payments receiving options that publishers. The minimum threshold amount is $50 which can be taken through Webmoney, PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, and the wire transfer. 

24×7 customer support:

Vimmy has a dedicated customer support team, helps publishers as well as advertisers through a 24×7 support team. If you face any trouble or need any information, they are ready to do it.

Vimmy has a helpful support team that is always on to help with necessary information and particulars.

Try Vimmy Ads for your website


Vimmy push ad network that is constantly working on the development and binging new features continuously. If you look at the amount of revenue share and other features it makes no sense not giving try to this ad network. From signing up to setting up the ads for your website everything is truly easy to perform. If you are searching for an ad network that you can work in a long run and also want to lead a good income, Vimmy ad network would be a perfect solution for you.

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