Vegetables, fruits shops to open for only four hours in Patna

Patna, Aug 23 (IANS) In order to avoid huge turn out during corona period, Patna district administration has ordered vegetables, fruits and meat shops to be opened for only four hours.

Kumar Ravi, the District Magistrate of Patna issued fresh guidelines during unlock phase. Ravi is one of those officers who got infected of deadly virus earlier. Though he was recuperated well.

“It has been observed that residents are turning out in large numbers in the markets. Many of them are not wearing face masks and they are breaching social distancing norms as well. In such circumstance, the chances of Covid 19 infection transmission are very high. The time limitation will reduce volume in the market places,” Ravi said.

In Patna, 18,683 persons have tested positive for Covid while 116 infected patients have lost their lives.

There are 15,572 patients have been recuperated from Covid infections. Patna currently have 2995 active cases including 279 cases appeared in last 24 hours.



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