Twinkle Khanna discovers her ‘world is filled with creatures’

Mumbai, July 29 (IANS) Lockdown has made author Twinkle Khanna realise that her sea-facing home is surrounded by a lot creatures, including snake, birds and rats.

On Wednesday, Twinkle posted a picture of her garden on Instagram, and spoke about spotting a snake, butterflies and rats in the place.

“On our champa tree, another pair of birds. My world is filled with creatures. A rat brushes its furry body over my bare leg, a snake makes its way through the garden, two butterflies fly into my bedroom. They were always around. I was the one who was too busy to see them,” she shared.

In the image, we can see a bird sitting on a tree.

In an earlier interview with IANS, Twinkle shared how her husband, Akshay Kumar and son, Aarav have been cooking amid the lockdown.

“It's a blessing. My son cooks, but I did not know he could cook so many things. Only during the lockdown, I have discovered that he knows how to make rajma and pizza from scratch. He can also make Tiramisu dessert. We have not ordered in food even for a day because we have our own two chefs in the kitchen! So I think that has been the silver lining,” Twinkle had said.



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