Traffic policemen in Hyderabad show how to wash hands

Hyderabad, March 19 (IANS) A video of traffic policemen creating public awareness at a traffic signal over precautions to be taken for protection from Covid-19 went viral over social media on Thursday.

Five policemen headed by an officer stood in front of motorists waiting at a traffic signal, giving safety tips to people to ward off the coronavirus threat. They demonstrated how the people should wash their hands with soap or sanitizer.

The unique awareness campaign, which attracted the attention of all, was conducted at Kothapet junction in L. B. Nagar under the limits of Rachakonda police commissionerate, one of the three police commissionerates covering Greater Hyderabad.

Using the public address system, the traffic police official and other showed step by step how to wash the hands, ensuring that all parts are cleaned. The one-and-half minute long video shows the official also advising people not to shake hands but do ‘namaskar' and use a handkerchief while sneezing.



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