Three arrested in Dayalpur robbery case

New Delhi, 30 July (IANS) The crime branch of the Delhi Police has arrested three in connection with an armed robbery at Dayalpur in Northeast Delhi on July 26. The three arrested persons have been identified as Mohammad Chand, Javed and Pavi.

According to the police, five men barged into a house, held the victim and his aged mother hostage, and looted over Rs 14 lakh cash, gold and silver jewellery.

Chand, a gambling addict, was in debt and under pressure from lenders to pay back. As Chand was familiar with the victims, the complainant's sister had once shared with him the information about cash and jewellery at brother's house.

After this, he hatched a plan to rob them, and roped in his friends Javed, Salim, Raju. Raju then got his associates Sharik and Rahees involved in the plan. Raju, Sharik and Rahees arranged the weapons for the crime.

On the day of crime, at the instance of Chand they barged into the complainant's home and took him and his mother hostage at gun-point. They looted Rs 14.25 lakh cash, about 35-40 tola of gold jewellery, about 500 grams silver jewellery. One tola is equal to 11.66 gm.

“After the crime, Raju gave Rs 2 lakh to Chand, Rs 1.5 lakh to Javed and Rs 50,000 to Salim and kept the rest, including jewellery, with himself. Salim had also taken out Rs 25,000 from the complainant's pocket. He bought a mobile phone from that money. The phone has been recovered.

Efforts are on to nab Raju, a person with criminal past, and identify his links with other crimes, as well as arrest his other associates and recover the looted money and jewellery, and the weapons used in the crime. “He is said to have run away to eastern UP,” said Rakesh Paweriya, DCP Crime.



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