This is what Lily Collins will do once COVID-19 lockdown is over

Los Angeles, May 10 (IANS) Actress Lily Collins is adamant to celebrate her birthday next year with fullApomp after spending her last two years “bunkered in” and wants to go to her favourite restaurantAonce the lockdown is lifted.

Collins, who is known for her roles in films like “Mirror Mirror”, “Love, Rosie”, “To The Bone” and “Stuck In Love”, was self-isolating on her 31st birthday in March. Last year, she was busy shooting scenes with Aactor Simon Pegg in a paper factory, reports aceshowbiz.com.

The actress is now adamant to make her 32nd birthday is much more of a celebration.

Collins said: “I just celebrated my birthday and I thought, ‘This time last year I was in a bunker on my birthday and now I'm bunkered in my house for my birthday'. It's like we were manifesting something!”She added: “We'd walk outside of the bunker and there would be craft service and it was snowing outside but we just had no idea because we were literally locked in this bunker and felt like we were going through a bit of a war together because you're in this confined space with that amount of crew pumping in all that smoke and atmosphere. Sometimes you really thought you were going crazy.”

Collins wants to go to her favorite restaurant once the lockdown is lifted.

“We're cooking a lot (at home) but we're still supporting small businesses and ordering in from places we really like to help keep them open. I just miss the art of sitting somewhere and having someone create something for you that they're proud of.A

She says she misses going out.

“I miss the community of going and looking at a menu and saying, ‘Oh this looks good tonight,' as opposed to, ‘What else is there in the cupboard?' “



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