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These Are The Reasons You Are Not Getting Much Organic Traffic

Many website owners face the most common issue with their site, not getting enough organic traffic to their platform.

No matter what your site is about, traffic is the only thing that counts for the success of your platform. Now, you can drive traffic to your site in many ways. The primary and most high-quality traffic is the organic ones. Organic visitors are referred to those visitors who search for something on a search engine and see you as a result. Then they visit your site after clicking on there. There are many other ways which people visit your platform like,

Paid visitors(where you spend money to get visitors from search engines), social traffic(where you get traffic from various social media channels), direct visitors(you use various such as email marketing, forum submission, backlinks to get direct visitors to your platform).

In various aspects sometimes different traffics, gives different conversions. But, if you want the maximum benefit of your site in overall terms, then organic traffic is best. But, getting organic traffic to your blog is not an easy task anyway as of now.

According to Hostingtribunal, there are 400 million active websites available on the internet. Even though the traffic is much higher but getting traffic organically is way more challenging.

If you are also facing a similar problem of not having organic traffic to your blog or website, then you are in the right place. Here we will mention some points that are preventing you receive organic traffic to your site.

As there are no shortages of parameters that lead you to get organic traffic to your site, we are mentioning some of the top reasons for that. The first reason is,

High-quality content:

Many of you have heard the famous statement made by Bill Gates, “Content Is King.” Well, your content plays a crucial role that you are going to get organic traffic to your site or not. When people make any search on Google or any other search engine, it is the search engine's job to offer them the best in quality, helpful, and relevant results. If you are searching for something on the internet, you will surely search for the best one. If it does not meet your expectations, you will leave that site immediately. That’s the reason; sites should contain high-quality content to get organic traffic. Another thing to remember is when search engines suggest anything to visitors and see that the bounce rate is high. There is a big chance your site ranking will go down, and from next time you will receive fewer organic visitors because search engines will suggest your site to fewer people. If you can master SEO friendly content writing, then you can easily rank your content as well as your website.

Having backlinks from spammy sites:

The importance of backlinks is unknown to people. It makes a lot of difference. Between a site has fewer backlinks compared to those, who have more. If you search various keyword-finding tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, or others and check the ranked articles on Google, you will notice, the sites have a big backlink profile.

But, backlinks can work as a two-sided sword. It is not always obvious that backlinks will help you gain more traffic. In many cases, backlinks may cause you less organic traffic to your site. There are many backlinks that you should avoid to prevent lower site ranking issues.

When you get traffic from spam sites and get in huge amounts, search engines consider that your site is also spammy. Google always decreases the ranking of spammy sites. In many cases, websites owners do not place their links to spam sites. In fact, some fraudsters do the thing and demand money to remove those spammy links. If you want to deal with such practices, you need backlink checker tools and find out which links are suspicious and harmful for your site. Then you have to provide the links to Google. That’s how your site won’t decrease ranking as well as organic traffic.

Haven’t embraced the mobile-first indexing:

According to various statistics reports, more than half of the total web traffic comes from mobile devices. As 54 percent of traffic uses mobile devices, you cannot ignore mobile traffic, so the search engine is. Google and all others search engines have already adopted various changes in their algorithms, taken initiatives to project mobile-first policy. In order to get more organic visitors online, website owners also need to take measures, make changes on their site, and check the mobile indexing. Google has already mentioned that Google will prioritize mobile-oriented results. That’s the reason website owners must consider focusing the mobile-first indexing. Besides the indexing part, websites also should focus on the mobile user experience of their site. Hence they should acquire optimization for all devices.

Not doing the 301 redirections of old pages:

When you have a website, you may need to remove any published content for various reasons and move the URL to new places. If someone deletes something or moves the old URL to a unique URL, it shows a 404 not found error. That’s a massive drawback in both for visitors and the search engines. If any visitor clicks on your article and sees a 404 error, the users bounced straightaway. The search engine bots find that you have this type of issue; they decrease your ranking. That definitely affects your organic traffic reach. To deal with this type of problem, you need to use 301-redirection. This indicates to the search engine crawlers that your URL moved to another URL. Also, when the visitor clicks on the link, they get directed to the new URL.

The slow loading speed of your site:

Your website loading time is proportional to your organic traffic. If you search anything all Google, and when the results appear, you can check it for sure that all the results are appearing, are the superfast websites. Google and all other search engines actually hate slow loading sites. If your site is taking too much time rather than normal to load, search engines neither show you as a result nor do you get organic traffic. Various statistics reports suggest even one second of delay in load time because of increased bounces and loss of revenue. So, you should focus on your speed to get more organic traffic.

Not using Alt text on images:

Many bloggers, website owners gave their entire focus on the articles. They precisely do keyword research; use them in the title tag, meta description, and article body, but they often overlook a significant aspect; the images and alt-text. If you look at your Google Analytics report, you will see that how many pictures got impressions on search engines and how many clicks you got from there. When you head to Google image search and type something, You see the same thing with images.

Similar to the contents, images also rank and drive organic traffic to your site. To get organic visitors by image search, you must have to use the ALT-text in your pictures. Well, that’s how search engines will understand what your image is about and show them as a result.

Using copy content from others:

Content is king, and there is no doubt of it. But that does not mean that any type of content you put to your website will rank your site and bring tons of organic visitors. Thousands of new blogs are being written every day, but very few of them come into Google’s search rankings. Different parameters come together to place your article on the search engine’s results page. But one thing is for sure that, if you are using copy content to your site, it will lead you nowhere. You won’t get any benefit from it, and moreover, search engines will bring down your ranking. Search engines always prefer high-quality original content. If you want organic traffic, you would definitely have to write original content on your site. In any case, if your site appears on the search results page and the original owner of that content knocks Google with DMCA, your content will be omitted for Google. You can read: Does Duplicate Content affect Your SEO Ranking? to know in detail about copy or duplicate content.

Is your site blacklisted by Google or search engines?

If your website gets penalized by Google or any other search engines, no matter how powerful hosting you use, how much content you write, how many backlinks you gain, your site won’t be able to come on search engines. So, there is no need to mention that in that case, you won’t get any organic traffic at all. So, if you are starting with a new website and fresh domain, you should avoid internet spam practices. If you are buying any expired domain for SEO benefits, then you should check it properly: was the domain penalized by Google and search engine for any spam practice?

These are some notable points to get more organic traffic to your site. If you are facing issue getting search engine traffic on your website, you can check these things. Thanks for reading. We hope this was interesting. Read mo0re related articles.

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