Teja Sajja starrer Telugu film Zombie Reddy to be released today

Sajja Teja and Anandhi starrer Telugu film Zombie Reddy is set to release in cinemas on February 5. The film is directed by Prasanth Varma. It is the first zombie film in Telugu cinema. It will be partially based on the COVID-19 pandemic. The film is set in the Kurnool backdrop.

The filmmaker Prasanth Varma said in an interview, ” The concept of this film may be new but it packs all elements of a commercial film. The budget and scale of this movie are at par with Kalki. It is not a small zombie film. It is a big film (sans big star cast). We didn’t want to make this film look silly. The movie doesn’t make a joke out of zombies. But, the humor lies in situations. I am confident that Zombie Reddy will become a cult film.”

On the other hand, after hearing the announcement, a group of fans is makes it trending on Twitter with #ZombieReddy.

Here are some tweets of fans:



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