Tablighi Jamaat: Police nab 15 foreigners in Delhi

New Delhi, March 31 (IANS) Delhi Police sprang into action on Tuesday as an FIR was registered against the Markaz Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin. Police in the districts also joined the Crime Branch as soon as the case was registered.

In the swift police action, 15 foreigners were found in two different raids in northwest Delhi. According to Delhi Police Headquarters, “In the afternoon, the Bharat Nagar Police raided two houses in Sangam Park area. Both houses are located close by. Police arrested 10 people from both houses. 8 of them were foreigners. All these foreign citizens are residents of Kyrgyzstan. All these have been quarantined.”

Police arrested two other people along with these eight foreigners from the spot. Both of these were arranging for the food of these eight foreigners. According to sources in the Bharat Nagar police station, “These eight foreigners are being raided in search of two people accused of hiding them. They have been named as Jamil and Akhtar.”

According to Bharat Nagar police, “The foreigners have said in preliminary inquiry that they had stayed for a few days at Markaz Tabligi Jamaat in Nizamuddin. When they were to return to Kyrgyzstan, they missed their flight around March 15-16. There was no way to return home for them.” According to the police sources, a case has been registered against them under the Epidemic Act. On receipt of the information, teams of the Health Department also reached the spot.

In the second raid, seven foreigners were found in Mangolpuri area on Tuesday evening. All of them are natives of Indonesia. It has also been confirmed about all of them that all these were staying with the Tabligi group. Later, due to the sudden change in the situation due to coronavirus, they also started living quietly in Mangolpuri area.

All the seven have also confessed that they were hiding in Mangolpuri and the police are searching for those who sheltered them.



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