Suspect those opposed to Rahul behind letter: P C Chacko

Kochi, Aug 25 (IANS) Joining issue on the letter that has caused heartburn in the grand old party of the country, senior Congress leader P C Chacko broke his silence on Tuesday and said that he suspects those opposed to Rahul Gandhi to be behind the leaked letter.

Chacko who is a former lawmaker and quit as AICC member in-charge of Delhi earlier this year, told the media that the leaking of the letter should not have happened.

“The ideal choice for the post is Rahul Gandhi, as it is now not possible for Sonia Gandhi to continue on account of her health. But some people do not like the style of Rahul. However, he is the only person who can take on Modi, but unfortunately that's not happening,” said Chacko.

“I suspect some of those opposed to Rahul are behind the letter,” added Chacko. He also pointed out that Shashi Tharoor has no vested interests.

“Tharoor is very open and it was he who first spoke out against ‘adhocism' and said if Rahul Gandhi is not interested, then someone else should take over, as it's not good for the Congress party to go on like this,” added Chacko.



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