Something stronger for Lockdown 2.0? Try whiskey cocktails

<br>It's time to bring out the whiskey bottles and mixing tools. Try these recipes by the masters from the house of Diageo and brace yourself for a good time. Read on for the recipes:

Johnnie & Lemon<br> <br>50 ml Johnnie Walker Red Label<br>150 ml White Lemonade (Lemonade with sugar and lemon)<br>Glassware: Highball [Tall Glass]<br>Method: In a glass filled with ice, pour the whisky. Add in the sweet lemonade and stir. Garnish with an orange slice or an orange peel<br>Garnish: Orange Slice or Orange Peel

Black & White Sour

60ml Black & White scotch<br>20ml Lime juice<br>20ml Honey Water<br>1 Egg white (optional)<br>Glassware: Old Fashioned / Tumbler glass<br>Method: Add all your ingredients to your shaker or up cycled honey/ jam jar. Shake well<br>Garnish: Lime slice/twist<br> <br> Serene Sundowner

60 ml Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve<br>10 ml Cinnamon Cordial (Alternative – Use warm sugar syrup infused with a stick of cinnamon)<br>1 Orange Wedge<br>Glassware: Old Fashioned / Tumbler<br>Method: Pour the whisky in a glass filled with ice and squeeze in an orange wedge. Add the cinnamon cordial for a longer finish.<br>Garnish: Cinnamon Stick, Orange Peel

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