Snapdeal launches beauty brand ‘Miyuki’ under its Power Brands program

Mumbai, India: Snapdeal today announced the launch of the beauty brand, ‘Miyuki’ on its platform. Introduced under Snapdeal’s “Power Brands” program, Miyuki offers a Korean beauty-inspired makeup range.

Much has been said about the rising popularity of Korean culture across the world – specifically in India. With this popularity, Korean beauty trends and makeup products have also been gaining a lot of attention among users.

Korean makeup is based on the premise of ‘less is more’. Launching first with lipsticks, Miyuki offers a range enriched in Argan oil and will come in eight shades such as peach rose, taupe, mulled wine

Coral, exotic red, and more go perfectly with Indian makeup aesthetics. Miyuki lipsticks come at a uniform price of Rs 399 and the brand will soon expand to include other makeup products like foundation, highlighters, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencils.

“Customers have high awareness about the latest trends in beauty and personal care products. Value-conscious consumers look for products that are trendy, good-quality, and also are priced as per their spending comfort. The Miyuki range of products by Snapdeal sellers serves this requirement of premium-quality, trendy and innovative products that are priced right.” said Saurabh Bansal, Chief Merchandising Officer, Snapdeal Limited.

Under its ‘Power Brands’ program. The brands are owned by Snapdeal and licensed to third-party, quality-focused suppliers/sellers, who own and control the inventory.

Snapdeal’s “Power Brands” program is designed to promote and augment the supply of good quality, trendy products to meet consumer needs. The power brands are designed to serve the needs of value-conscious users who want to pay primarily for the features and functionality they need, without having to pay hefty brand premiums.

According to a Red Seer study commissioned by Snapdeal, the number of buyers from India’s Tier 2+ cities and towns, covering more than 80% of India’s population, will triple in size in five years to nearly 256 Mn by 2026. These shoppers are from the mid-income segment and a majority of them reside in the Tier 2+ cities of India. These shoppers are value-conscious given their affordability preferences.

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