Smart devices, VR making Indians open minded: Study

Bengaluru, Oct 15 (IANS) More than two thirds of Indians believe that emerging technologies have the potential to make them more understandable, tolerant and open-minded, a new Lenovo study said on Tuesday.

The global survey that polled more than 15,000 people from India, the US, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, the UK, Germany, France and Italy revealed that nine out of 10 respondents or 89 per cent think that technology plays a large role in their day-to-day lives.

Sixty per cent of the Indian respondents believe smart devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones and VR are making people more open-minded and tolerant, as compared to 38 percent of respondents globally.

“Use of VR for smart onboarding is how we make new joiners experience Lenovo values and our focus on intelligent transformation from day one,” Rahul Agarwal, CEO and MD, Lenovo India, said in a statement.

The survey also highlighted that nearly two thirds of respondents in India believe technology is making them more understanding and empathetic, compared to 35 per cent globally.

“As a global technology company, we strongly believe in the wide ranging positive impact of technology in our day-to-day lives. We are excited that our smart devices like PCs, tablets, smartphones and VR etc. are playing an important role in enhancing key life qualities like empathy, tolerance, and understanding,” Agarwal added.

According to the study, Brazil, Russia, India and China agreed strongly that technology can positively impact values.

Ninety per cent respondents in China think VR has the ability to increase human understanding. That figure is 88 per cent in India and 81 per cent in Brazil. Just 51 per cent believe this to be true in Japan, while the figure is 48 per cent in Germany.

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