Shruti Seth misses her VJ-ing days, music video era

Mumbai, Sep 9 (IANS) Actress Shruti Seth recalled the days when she was a video jockey, and said that the stint was a dream come true for her.

Shruti shared two pictures on Instagram that seem to have been taken from her video jockey days. As caption, she wrote: “VJ SHRUTI… This was a life dream come true. And I owe it to my dearest friends @yudi__yudhishtir and @tarkat07 for making it happen. I miss the music video era, the madness, the coolness, the trend setting and the being real; unapologetically!!”

She added: “I miss meeting the best people back then. And I miss all my fellow veejay friends who thankfully have stay connected and remind me of better times.”

Shruti shared that if she gets a chance to go back in time, she would. “And more so in these times. If I had a time machine I would go back in a heartbeat. Thankfully we still have the music to heal us. So let's never forget the songs that make us laugh, make us sing, force us to dance, make us cry, get us to scream and most importantly still make us feel hopeful,” she wrote.



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